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T YOUR SELFIES ON TWITTER WITH #ISTANBULSHSELFIE… We ask you to take your selfie(s), either by yourself or with your loved ones, in whichever Istanbul Sweet Home apartment you are staying and share it (them) on twitter with the hashtag #IstanbulSHSelfie. We would absolutely appreciate some lovely comments, too … READ MORE

MORE ON ISTANBUL EYE… This apartment is the biggest one (in squaremeters) that we are renting out inIstanbul. It sits on three floors and on the first floor, you have two bedrooms and the bathroom. The second floor covers both the living room, dining room and the kitchen all together. It’s a whole big area where the kitchen is open. Finally stairs lead you to the third floor which is actually the terrace. You have a full panoramical view of the Bosphorus and the city and you can always enjoy it especially in good weathers…READ MORE

HOW TO BLEND IN LOCAL LIFE IN ISTANBUL… While some people prefer a much “touristic” approach, such as picking holiday packages and staying in hotels, some others take it more “traveller’s” way. They rather stay in hostels or rent apartments, eat and drink where locals go and so on… READ MORE

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Apartments in Istanbul for Rent

Looking for a comfortable accommodation in the heart of Istanbul?…
Istanbul Sweet Home is there for you offering a variety of competitive lodging alternatives to elaborate hotels in Istanbul, Turkey. Directly from the owner, Istanbul Sweet Home provides its guests with several different lodging options aiming to fulfill diversified needs and make your vacation as pleasant as possible.

Rent an apartment in Istanbul for short term
For your short stays, you can have a fully-furnished, one of the serviced deluxe apartments for rent or a budget studio and benefit from an inclusive package offering utilities, cleaning and maintenance services. As for long stays, furnished apartments for rent are available with various accessible services. We guarantee that any desired option will make you feel like home and make it easy for you to make the most of your visit in Istanbul during your holiday.

Flats for rent in the heart of the city
Our exclusive apartments are in historic buildings meticulously restored in conformity with their original textures. Located in Beyoglu-Taksim district reflecting the characteristics of diverse cultures, our apartmentsfor rent are in the center of prominent cultural, social and artistic activities… So, if you’re considering something more than an ordinary Istanbul vacation and would like to feel like one of the local residents inIstanbul staying in your own house, try our elegant but cosy apartments and experience a fantastic visit withIstanbul Sweet Home


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